“Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice.”
Bob Proctor
“We play the infinite game. We don’t play to win, we play to last.”
Sherif Razek
“You cannot see the way out of a challenge if you are looking at it every day from the same level of mind, emotions, thoughts, and feelings of the past.”
Dr. Joe Dispenza

About Us

Sherif Razek is the founder and Master Coach at Rewired to Grow.

Sherif Razek is the founder and Master Coach at Rewired to Grow. He was born in a small town in East Anglia, England but grew up in Cairo, Egypt, a busy and bustling city. Growing up in a multicultural family, Sherif learned early in life to accept and cherish diversity and challenge tradition. 

This fundamentally instilled in him a strong sense of understanding and empathy towards other human beings, and he became fascinated with culture and its influence on us and on our lives.

Sherif graduated with an Anthropology Major and soon after moved to the UK where he started his professional career in the Computer Software industry. He was passionate about connecting the technology world with human potential. Back in those days it was just after the Dot-com bubble and the internet was starting to gain back momentum and computer literacy was growing steadily throughout the world.

Within a few years, an opportunity came along that he could not dismiss…

Sherif got the opportunity to move from London to Dubai in the UAE to establish and grow the consulting arm of his employer at the time. It was a big decision to make especially with a newborn baby only 4 months old. However, armed with the strong belief that we grow and progress when we are most challenged, Sherif traveled to Dubai with his small family and started a new journey. It was then when he recognized once again his passion for working with people. He built a business but more importantly, he established a work culture to help his team grow and be successful.

In his 10 years with the company in the Middle East, they were able to grow the revenue by an average of 65% year on year. More importantly, his team was known throughout the organization and with their customers as being innovative, reliable, and fun to work with. Sherif considers that to be one of his greatest achievements because he believes that a strong team culture will allow business to flourish and last with happy and fulfilled employees.

Sherif is an International Certified Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360) Certified Practitioner, Hypnotist, and well-versed in Neuroscience for Business.

He believes that there is limitless potential in every human being and commits to helping them believe in that potential themselves to change and grow in their personal and professional life.

He is bilingual and is available for global engagements in both English and Arabic.

A core component to my success as a leader is my ability to coach and mentor my team through their own personal and business challenges. This experience, in addition to my own personal transformation, has led me to have clarity around my purpose which is to serve as many people as I can and help them transform their lives and the lives of those that are in their care and responsibility.
Sherif Razek

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